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Meet the Artist :: Mark Dullanty

Meet Mark Dullanty

Husband, father, carpenter, contractor, chef, photographer, and graphic designer

- there's not much Mark can't do.

If you know Mark, you know he loves to learn and work with his hands. He fully believes artistry should permeate everything we do. Mark's dedication artistry bleeds into all areas of his life, not just creating. But from wood working to sewing, photography to cooking, gardening to pottery - getting both hands dirty with intention and love behind whatever he is doing is always the goal. For Mark, there is nothing better than being physically exhausted at the end of the day from good hard labor with a set of cabinets, new stairs, remodeled bathroom, handcrafted cutting board, etc. to show for it.

Cutting Board by Mark

Mark grew up immersed in building culture. His grandfather a cabinet maker who would pay him and his brothers to help out in the shop; his older brother had a tractor restoration business as a teenager and young adult; and the general family rule was that you build it or fix it - whatever "it" was. So it's hard to explain exactly when he "starting" building or wood working, because it has always been a part of his life.

Mark does general contracting through Tribu Contracting - his projects led to the creation of Tribu Design & Colectivo because he (and Malia) can't bear to throw away beautiful and perfectly good scrap wood. Mark does projects as small as replacing sink faucets to large scale home remodels, but his favorite projects - and what he becoming known for in the area - are custom furniture pieces made from salvage and scrap wood. From dining room tables to tea boxes, his custom pieces will stun you.

Dinning Room Table by Mark

Inspired by nature, Mark uses salvage and scrap local resources to create beautiful pieces of art work and forever furniture that clients love.

Rustic Side Tables by Mark

You can see Mark's furniture and small pieces at in person markets or swing by the online store to see what he currently has available and, as always, feel free to order a custom pieces by emailing: tribucontracting(at)gmail.com

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