• Malialani Dullanty

Summer Market Wrap Up

We probably took on too much this year in terms of Markets, but I wanted to scale the art side of our company. I wanted us to grow. I wanted art to support our family 100%.

We haven't hit that last goal - yet - but my oh my have we grown.

When people ask "How did you get into this?" It's funny to answer "Uhm, my husband is a contractor and I don't like to waste things so I started drawing on broken drawer fronts and people started asking if they could purchase them." It started happening more and more until I decided that was a part of our company. And then last year I had the opportunity to participate in a holiday market for free around Christmas and I couldn't believe how well we were received. So then, I thought to myself, what if I went to other markets?

So we did.

We went to small little markets put on by small local businesses.

And we went to giant markets put on by giant companies with hundreds of other booths.

We had some events go really well.

And we had other events that were completely empty.

This weekend we will wrap up the Summer Market season and enter into an insane September where we are somewhere almost every single weekend.

If you haven't already, make sure you check out our End of Summer Sale. And come check us out this weekend Sunday, September 1st and Monday, September 2nd at Black Diamond Labor Days - see the rest of our upcoming markets here. Updated blog about upcoming markets to come out soon!



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