• Malialani Dullanty

Market Monday

I live for Summer and Fall. I love the warm weather and the sunshine. I love swimming in lakes and oceans alike. I love running all over creation in a bikini and board shorts - because you never know when you might want to jump in a body of water or run through a sprinkler. I love how my freckles come out in full force. I love the changing of the leaves and the grass. I love all the fresh fruit and veg in my garden and at Farmer's Markets all around. I love this time of year.

Even though our kids don't attend school and we unschool on top of that, there is still something about settling back into a schedule in September that fills me with such calm and ease. About midway through August I just start to feel a flow come back into our lives and it gets into full swing as September enters in.

In addition to all of that, our kiddos have turned an age corner where they are self sufficient in most things. They can get themselves a drink or a snack, they can go to the bathroom on their own, and they can play for extended amounts of time on their own or together without adult intervention. All of this leads to the ability to create more. At least, I hope it does.

Oak Round Coffee Table


Poppy Reds


Salted Steel and Walnut Key Box


All Manner Of Poppy


And with that?



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