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5 Books To Keep You On Track

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"I had to teach myself better ways to handle stress and painful seasons. I had to teach myself better habits." - Rachel Hollis, Girl, Wash Your Face

As January ends, it is easy to shrug off the New Year and start to make excuses.

But you shouldn't.

You should keep going. You should stick with it. You should continue to grow into the best version of yourself and then do it all over again. It sounds a little exhausting to never stop growing - but you're either growing or you're dying, so it's better than the alternative.

I'm not doing Book Club anymore, but I want to make sure to regularly share what I'm consuming with you guys, incase it's something you might like too.

If you are looking for some inspiration, here are 5 books that have helped/are helping me to maintain my fire for growing and staying on track to reach my goals and accomplish every resolution I've set.

5. Cozy Minimalist Home

by Myquillyn Smith

I know. This seems like a weird one to keep you on track with your resolutions - but trust me, Cozy Minimalist Home is amazing. One of my resolutions is to feel more comfortable in our house. However, I don't have a budget for this, and my kids like to play with toys and craft supplies, and my husband is a contractor who tests things out on our home, and we are trying to remodel (again, without a budget), and - and - and - and... And I want to feel more comfortable in our home.

This book ties together all of our human desire for a cozy home, while also aligning with more sustainable and peaceful aspects of home and stuff owning. It is genuinely helping me reach for that goal of feeling comfortable in my own home, while also encouraging good spending habits and no cluttery walls of knick knacks - thank you lord. If you're like me and you just love all the pretty pictures and houses and things, but you also love feeling comfy and sane in your own space and don't have a million dollars to remodel your home with?

This is the book to help you stay on track and keep you inspired.

4. Own The Day, Own Your Life

by Aubrey Marcus

I've talked about Own The Day, Own Your Life before - Like many humans, Marko subscribes to the Podcast lord himself, Joe Rogan, and probably a year ago he picked up Own The Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus after he came on The Joe Rogan Experience. For my hubby, every day is New Year's Day and he is always looking for ways to better himself and his life, so this book seemed like the perfect thing for him. At the time, I really wanted to do a better job of engaging with Mark over his media of choice (podcasts), but I have a really hard time listening to people have conversations when I can't see them. So I picked the book up off our shelf and read it last Summer so we could chat about it - even if I wasn't listening to all the podcasts.

Mark expected me to dislike it, but I actually found it to be full of really excellent practical advice. Books like these are great for getting all the information you pin on Pinterest in one go, breaking it down into much more applicable steps than the 17 blog posts you would need to read to instill this knowledge. Some of it was things I already knew, some of it was things I needed to be reminded of, but all of it was positive and great for encouraging me to take steps toward being healthier and living as a better version of myself. I highly recommend it.

3. 15 Laws of Invaluable Growth

by John C Maxwell

15 Laws of Invaluable Growth provides practical advice about how to grow and keep growing. Hope is a beautiful motivator, but it is not a strategy for your life. If you are really interested in changing your life and your habits, this is the book for you. I read this book over Christmas and the New Year and it gave me such great tools to shift into 2019 with purpose and direction. Maxwell gives you everything you need to keep you focused on growing continually, rather than just for one season.

This book is maybe the best book I've read this year. Every chapter is just full of practical advice and I am already re-reading it.

2. High Performance Habits

by Brendon Burchard

This book is DENSE, but so worth it. High Performance Habits is the culmination of years of study and interviews with people who are at the top of their game. Brendon Burchard breaks down what makes people not just successful, but consistently high performing in a way that makes it so accessible - despite the book's density. However, I will say that committing to this book is just that - a commitment. Becoming a High Performer requires intentional action and commitment, it's not a quick fix. This book is exactly the kind of thing you need to stay on track with your New Year Resolutions, goals, dreams, and general life.

BONUS: If you're looking for a planner to keep you on track, the High Performance Planner is another creation by Brendon Burchard. I'm not great at tracking and keeping a planner, but I am trying it out and seeing how it works. If you want one, grab yours here.

1. Girl, Stop Apologizing

by Rachel Hollis

Girl, Stop Apologizing doesn't come out until March, which gives you plenty of time to get through the above four books. Last year I picked up a copy of Girl, Wash Your Face and it changed my life.

Oh drama, let's get real about it.

The book changed my life because I was ready to change my life. I knew I wanted more, I knew how to get into shape, I knew how to eat healthy, I knew I wanted to do more with our business, I knew I wanted to sell my artwork, I knew I wanted to blog more... I knew and I knew how, but I didn't. Reading Girl, Wash Your Face forced me to face up to the fact that I had all the knowledge I needed to make my life into something amazing and the only thing holding me back? Was me and my excuses. I didn't have enough time, I was stressed, it was hard, there was some much going on, we were just in a season of life that didn't allow for our dreams to be a priority. I didn't want to find a way, so I found an excuse. I found 100 excuses. Girl, Wash Your Face helped me find a way instead, and I am so excited to grab my copy of Girl, Stop Apologizing - I already have it pre-ordered.


What books are helping you stay on track with your goals in 2019?



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