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Reluctant Homeschool Resources

Hey y'all, I wanted to provide a list of free or inexpensive resources for some of you who might not know where to look or what to look for during this season. I do want to be clear - as unschoolers? We genuinely believe that there are no school subjects, but that life acts as the perfect catalyst for kids to engage fully in learning about the things they want to learn about and grow in ways that help them learn other things. For example - baking is complex math and science in addition to reading and sometimes writing if the recipe needs to be altered, in addition to providing excellent and practical life skills.

That being said, this is broken into sections to make finding what you're looking for easier. Also, this is not all the resources in the world. Some of those sites/lists are too long and overwhelming. You don't need that.

Here's what I'll also say... don't just stick to "age appropriate" things. Do preschool projects with your teenagers and challenge your primary school kids by giving them more responsibility or harder challenges with educational work.


-Dry rice/lentil/noodle tub to play, draw, or experiment with.

-Water tub - great for funnels, science play, and more!

-Gardening. Easy way to get outside in the sun and get tactile.

-Kinetic Sand :: To play, draw, or experiment with.

-Water Beads :: Great for tactile play.

-Finger Paint :: Great for art and tactile play.


-Story Pirates Podcast

-Writing or drawing in any of the above tactile resources.

-TeachersPayTeachers :: Amazing options for free or inexpensive that you can print at home while supporting teachers.

-Boggle, Scrabble (or Scrabble Jr.), Bananagrams, Apples to Apples, etc.

-Create a book club with friends! Try to find a book you all have access to and can read or listen to and discuss over FaceTime or other video chat.


-Board games :: We like Sleeping Queens, Yahtzee, Uno, War, etc.


-Measuring Rooms :: This is fun because tape measures. Every kid loves them. Even big kids. For older kids, have them calculate square feet or amount of paint needed, or baseboard... lifeskill in addition to math.

-Track COVID 19 :: The easiest way to make scary things less scary? Understand them. A Mercer Island teen has been tracking the virus since before it left China. Discover percentages, understand the challenges other nations are experiencing in addition to our own.


-Virtual Museum Tours


-Planet Earth and other documentaries available on Netflix

-Reports :: Let your kid pick a place, a sport, an animal, a historical event - WHATEVER they want - and let them research it to give a presentation on it one evening... more on this later.

-Chore Races. Pick a chore you or a sibling can "race" the other one at. Put cloths to the floor with floor cleaner and have them run barefoot around as fast as they can to clean the room. Do the same with windows, rooms, folding/putting away laundry, etc.


-Bob Ross on Netflix


-Niss & That

-Pinterest Art Projects... a million at your finger tips.


-Cooking/Baking :: Try this, this, or this.

-pbdskids.org :: Amazing games, videos, and other great things available here. Dinosaur -Train, Nature Cat, and Wild Kratts are probably our favorite science based programs.

-Easy science projects like :: Baking soda and vinegar, moon cycles,

-Bill Nye available on Netflix

-The Magic School Bus available on Netflix

There is so much more! But that's all I've got the time for now. Let me know what you love and what you want to see/know that isn't here.

Love ya'll,


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