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The House With The Blue Door

The one thing I know about Mark and I is that we make it work. It doesn't matter what "it" is - we make it work. Whether it's schedules or budgeting, taxes or food, a problematic job or a problematic person, from a lack of resources to an over abundance of options - we make it work, whatever it is.

It's January and we are broke. From Christmas and taxes and every little unexpected expense that pops up when you need it the least. But here's the thing, we can think of it as "Man, we can't catch a break" or we can say "We'll make it work." So we choose the latter, and we choose it again, and again.

And again.

Life is for us and we are learning. Slowly and painfully and over and over, we are learning. I think we so ourselves a disservice to think of being an adult as having learned all the things necessary to know. I have yet to meet one of those people. Mostly I meet people who are doing their best. People who are making mistakes and trying again. Who are trying to find new angles, working hard, and figuring out how to move forward. I don't know anyone who has learned it all.

In fact, the older the person? The more readily they'll admit they've got no idea what they're doing.

This probably isn't true of all people. There are probably a high number of people who want to have it all put together and for others to see them that way. And I'm sad for them. I can't imagine how lonely that would be, how difficult. It is much easier to just admit I don't have my stuff together - that I'll maybe never have my stuff together. It's scary to admit that, especially on the internet. But, to me, it's better than the alternative.

We painted our front door blue.

It's perfect.

I mean, it isn't "perfect". We oversprayed and there is blue paint on the stoop and on the frame. We got most of it off, but the frame needed to be sanded and restained anyway so it took on some of the blue in the grain. I desperately want to paint the house, hopefully that's coming this Summer. There are so many cobwebs you can't count them. Oh, and I hate the trim around the door. Hate it.

But none of that matters even a little.

Because our front door is blue.

And it's perfect.

I can choose to focus on the long list of things I want to change or I can focus on the things we have changed. One of my goals this year is to feel more at home in our house. It's been a year of living here and I still feel like it isn't mine. There are big things I want to do (paint the house), but I don't exactly have a budget for that. See the above mentioned broke-ness. And I don't need to do big things to feel more at home. I can do small tangible things.

The same is true with my entire life. With your entire life. We can focus on the big things, or we can celebrate the little ones. Don't mistake me, I have a date on my calendar to paint the exterior of my house. But that doesn't take away from the magic that is my blue door.

Mark likes to joke that Tim Gunn is our spokesperson - you know, Project Runway, "Make it work!" And he's not wrong. It's what we do. While we wait for the big things, we get stoked on little ones. And so should you! Take time to love on the tiny little wins in your life.

Big magic is made of lots of little magic.

Yours is coming, celebrate in the interstice.



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