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What To Add To Your Centerpiece

Let's talk table centerpieces.

The holidays can be stressful with people coming in and out of your home, so many events to participate in, family you don't normally interact with, etc. One thing that helps me feel peaceful is having something pretty to look at - if it smells nice, bonus.

A nice bouquet is great, but I'd rather not spend $30 every week (minimum) until New Years Day. And let me be abundantly clear: it is too early for pine, fir, or cedar boughs. TOO EARLY.

Those should be appearing in your home no earlier than December 1st. 

So! What to put on your table this year as Thanksgiving rolls around?


Start with candles. Opposed to open flame on your table? Get fake candles. Costco sells them every year. In the PNW it is cold and dark and we need the warm glow of candles to even make it through. If you have a scent you love? Great! If you prefer no scent? Also great.

I really do love IKEA tea lights - they are reasonably priced, last a decent amount of time, and they're pretty. Mark loves to try out the different scents they have - especially because they come in glass containers so I can't burn down the house with my insatiable need to have candles lit at all hours of the day - but the only scent I like from IKEA is their Sinnlig Sweet Vanilla. Anything else I try gives me a headache...


But my favorite candles are most definitely from P.F. Candle Co.

Golden Coast scented anything is hands down the best they make - but definitely check them out. They give great descriptions of all their products and are doing what they can to create a sustainable world with the way the supply, manufacture, and ship their goods.


There are so few flowers that actually make it through October here in Washington, much less into November or December - but Mums hold out for hope here, especially if you have them potted rather than in a bed. I have two plants on my porch that won't give up the fight and I love them for it.

Mums are often overlooked because of the whimsy and simple colors, but they are perfect for celebrating the end of Autumn with their lovely oranges, peaches, and yellows. Plus they are hardy as can be. 

Looking for mums? Grocery Outlet carries them for a steal this time of year. Find one that looks like it might have some fight in it, bring it home and give it some love.

Fresh Herbs.

You heard me.

Let me tell you something right now. There is nothing better for a table than fresh herbs. They smell and look delightful, and the tiny humans sitting at the table won't die if they decide to eat them - which, let's be honest, Susan, is a question of when rather than if.

I'm hoping you just have some of the basics planted - whether in your house or in your yard. Maybe some basil, lemon verbena, mint? Here we have rosemary, thyme, and oregano. Which look great, smell great, dry well, and could be crushed and sprinkled on almost any holiday dish for a little extra something special. But even if you don't have any growing fresh, these three happen to be herbs you can grab in almost any grocery store in the produce section.

Some other thoughts.

You could also definitely do gourds and/or pumpkins, but it feels a bit overdone at this point. If I never see another cornucopia again, it will be too soon.

You can also definitely do fall leaves, but we have had a particularly wet November and we legitimately don't have any left in our area that aren't soggy and brown. Here's to you if you live somewhere you can snag a good looking Maple leave to throw into the center of your table.

So throw your favorite herbs and maybe flowers in a vase (or a pretty little wooden container you picked up in the store), grab the perfect cutting board to display food on, and create the perfect November holiday centerpiece.



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